Covid-19 Speeds Up the Digitization of the Industry

Eltronic A/S has, in cooperation with LEGO and Technological Institute, been chosen for a MADE development project, which will examine how virtual reality and augmented reality can digitize the training of machine operators and take remote support to the next level.

Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the industry in many ways and made it much more difficult to travel across the world to train machine operators, do troubleshooting, and phase in new products in a process outside the Danish borders. However, the new challenges have also pushed the digitalization process, so new technology is now available for doing e.g. remote support with a quality that can match and replace onsite activities.

Innovative solutions with new technology and existing data
In the development project, it will be examined what relevant technologies are already on the market, and how these can work together with the data, Eltronic A/S has already access to.

Firstly, it will be tested if it is possible to create a virtual reality (VR) environment where you can train operators in operating a machine before it gets installed at the site. Today, Eltronic A/S is already creating 3D-sketches of the new machines – data that could also be used for a VR environment. The operators would with a pair of VR-classes be able to walk around the machine, test functions, and push buttons. With the digital simulation, the operator gets a full virtual training in the machine, which will reduce the onsite training and result in a faster implementation of the machine.

Another technology, which will be tested, is the possibilities by using augmented reality (AR) for optimizing remote support. With a pair of e.g. Microsoft HoloLens it is possible to present digital data such as electrical diagrams, PLC programs or simply draw an arrow, so the operator in the other country can see both the machine and the digital data at the same time. A solution like this would drastically change and optimize the way Eltronic A/S can provide a high level of service to its customers without being physically onsite.

Contributing to a sustainable future
The digital solutions will not only shorten the running-in period of the machine and improve the quality of the remote service, the solutions will also have a green footprint since the new technologies will contribute to a large reduction of Eltronic A/S’s travel activities.

– It’s an exciting project which we are very happy to be a part of. The project has the potential to drastically change the way we run our trainings and service, explains CEO Morten Svendsen.

MADE expects to present the results of the development project during spring 2021.


For questions or further information contact:
Morten Svendsen, CEO Eltronic A/S
Tel.: +45 51 57 26 12