Process Automation

Eltronic A/S is one of the largest automation companies in Denmark, and we have developed process automation solutions for our food & beverage, life science, and other industries customers throughout the last 20 years.


Got the right partner?

Whether you are looking to optimize your production machinery, expand or rebuild your production, you need the right automation partner, and that partner is Eltronic A/S. We understand the importance of working closely together with our customers – you bring the product knowledge; we bring our extensive experience and knowledge of automation.

Automation is where it all started for Eltronic A/S and we base our solutions on more than 20 years of experience. It is important for us that you get the solution that fits your needs. At the same time, we understand the importance of using industry acknowledged standards, that gives you the best foundation for your current and future production.

We have close partnerships with leading automation suppliers, and we can design and test all solutions in-house. This means that you only need one supplier – we are your one-stop-shop.

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We are first-movers in technology. Our customers can always expect state-of-the-art solutions from us.

Morten Svendsen, CEO


Make the invisible visible

One of the challenges with working with process automation is the fact that you can not see what is going on in the tubes and tanks. To overcome this challenge, it is essential to get a full overview and be able to control, regulate, and monitor an entire factory as well as individual processing sectors. A solution to archive this is by implementing SCADA to your production.

SCADA communicates with the production machines and PLCs and is the user interface that provides the operators with the necessary overview and control of the production line. SCADA will also help to visualize efficiency opportunities and improve the traceability across the production. With the new insights and storage of historic data, operators will be able to make troubleshooting and performance reports.

At Eltronic A/S we are an experienced supplier of SCADA solutions and we have implemented SCADA solutions for customers in all areas of the process industry. What makes us different from our competitors is our ability to deliver the full automation solution. We have all competences in-house and we don’t leave any loose ends in a project.

Electrical Hardware

Power your solution

For your automation delivery, you might also need new electrical panels, which can set power to your solution. Whether the solution is for new or existing machines, Eltronic A/S has the competences to both create new electrical diagrams as well as assemble and install the electrical panels onsite.

We can provide you with full electrical delivery, and we have experience in creating electrical panels for a wide range of industries. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our electrical hardware competences.

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We know how important it is that your production lines are operating. We, therefore, offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services to help you keep your equipment running.

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