We take pride in what we do and responsibility for leading our industry forward. We develop and design production systems that can migrate into future technology.

Proactive first mover

The concept of digitalization has really made an entry to the industry, and companies are looking for ways to expose optimization and efficiency opportunities and make their production more transparent.

The fast development of technologies creates some completely new ways to get information and data. As machines and production lines become more and more intelligent, operators can get overflooded with information. However, when Eltronic talks about digitalization, we do not just want to create more data. We want to show the right data, to the right people in a structured and user-friendly way – that’s digitalization for us.

MES: Manufacturing Execution System

A Transparent Production

One of the big advantages of digitizing a production with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the reduction of time-consuming manual data registrations and procedures. By removing the human variable from the dataflow, you can reduce the change over time, limit errors, and ensure a much more reliable dataset. Another advantage of digitizing your production with MES is the opportunity to store historic data. The access to historic data enables for better troubleshooting and transparency of improvement opportunities.

Many industries, particularly the food & beverage and the life science industry, experience an increasing demand for traceability in their production. Digitalization can help you to archive this traceability with the enrichment of production data that MES enables. However, traceability is not only useable for documentation and compliance, it can also be used for a sustainable purpose. By tracing a product’s journey through the production, it is possible to determine the products’ manufacturing footprint and how this can be improved.

The right partnership
Eltronic A/S has many years of experience in developing and implementing MES solutions, and we are the only Danish company that is AVEVA endorsed System Integration Partner.

Unlike many other suppliers of MES and automation solutions, Eltronic A/S has all competencies in-house. We can advise you in all steps of the manufacturing process – from product design, machine construction, and automation to complex system integration ensuring that every single part of the manufacturing process is integrated at a higher level. This provides you with the guarantee that a MES solution from Eltronic A/S always considers and integrates all aspects of your production.

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"Our cooperation with Eltronic has been smooth and professional. We are very satisfied with the solution supplied and would be happy to choose Eltronic for similar projects in the future,” says Gudvin Baldersheim, IT Manager at Hennig-Olsen Is.

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IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things

Value from day one

One of the main motivators for digitization is the need for more insight into the production’s optimization opportunities. However, it can be an expensive journey to archive these insights and it often becomes a bigger implementation project. To avoid this, the right solution for you could be an IIoT solution. IIoT is quick to implement and will create value and insights from day one. Furthermore, IIoT can also help with traceability for documentation, and maybe even more important to trace the products’ footprint and environmental impact.

Eltronic A/S has more than 20 years of experience with supporting our customers with digitalization. We are the first Danish system partners of the IIoT platform ThingWorx, which we believe is the right platform for your digitalization journey.

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Mini MES

Unique Challenges Demand Unique Solutions

A MES solution is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of system but needs to be tailored to each company. That’s why we offer both an enterprise solution that suits larger manufacturing companies and our own product Mini MES, which is dedicated to machine builders and small plants that need execution capability and data collection​.

Mini MES is a future-proof platform based on AVEVA System Platform, which can be scaled in size and functionality as you scale your activities and production.

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BMS: Building Management Solution

Control & Documentation

Within the life science industry, not only the production needs to be intelligent and digitized, but the industry also experiences a demand for a Building Management Solution (BMS). It is a requirement that e.g. pharmaceutical and nutrition products are enriched with a large amount of information about the product’s production environment and life circle.

To provide the necessary information companies need to have a BMS, which is a system that has full control of and can document the production environment’s humidity, oxygen level, ventilation, etc.

In recent years, the possibilities with a BMS has improved a lot, and many companies find themselves needing an upgrade of their current system. At Eltronic A/S, we have helped our customers make this transition and upgrade, as we use our 20+ years of experience with traceability and our expertise within SCADA/MES systems and AVEVA System Platform.

Please contact us, if you want to hear more about how we can help upgrade your BMS system.

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We always develop and design production systems that can migrate into future technology.

Morten Svendsen, CEO

Discrete Automation

Eltronic A/S helps our customers get a competitive edge in the market with solutions that yield higher productivity.

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