Dansk Retursystem

Dansk Retursystem has a monopoly on collecting deposit-marked cans and bottles in Denmark. To ease and automate their collection processes, they turned to Eltronic A/S for a solution.

United with Dansk Retursystem

Project scope

Dansk Retursystem had the vision to centralize and automate the collection of deposit-marked bottles and cans instead of having a large number of reverse vending machines in retail stores.

Besides the wish to centralize the collection process, Dansk Retursystem wanted a system able to collect entire bags of bottles and cans instead of only single items.


Project challenges

One of the major project challenges related to the fact that the deposit stations were to be unmanned.

To solve this challenge, Eltronic A/S integrated AVEVA Situational Awareness which gives the employees at Dansk Retursystem a good overview of the various deposit stations. The employees will be notified of errors, where the error occurs, and the reason for the error.

In addition, cameras and remote control make it possible for Dansk Retursystem to provide remote support to the users of the stations if any problems occur. Furthermore, a buffer storage was created inside the station to be used until the regular container can be emptied.

Achieved results

Eltronic A/S designed and implemented an unmanned and automated deposit station.

The deposit station is able to handle up to 180 bags of bottles and cans per hour which is a major increase compared to the reverse vending machines in the retail stores. The significant increase is reached thanks to the use of advanced robotic technology, a high-performance PLC as well as general optimization of the many processes.

In the long run, the new deposit station will result in significant cost savings for Dansk Retursystem.


Major Benefits

  • Large increase in the number of bottles/cans deposited compared to retail stores
  • Major cost reductions
  • Fast and easy handling thanks to an advanced robotic system
  • Remote customer support thanks to the integration of cameras
  • Easy overview and troubleshooting thanks to AVEVA Situational Awareness
  • Solution easy to copy and implement at several sites

About Dansk Retursystem

Dansk Retursystem is a Danish non-profit company with a monopoly on the collection of deposit-marked bottles and cans in Denmark. The company was founded in 2000 in cooperation with breweries, importers of beverages and the Danish retail trade sector.

Technical Solution

  • S7-1500 PLC
  • CPU 1515F-2PN
  • IM 155-6 PN ST with server module
  • Interface module IM 157-1 PN


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