Other Industries

A new dimension to your production

Whether the industry, Eltronic A/S has many years of experience solving challenges and helping customers optimize their production. Partnership for us is about a long-term commitment to our clients. No short-cuts – we find the best, future-proof solution. Instead of asking “What do you need?”, we ask “Why do you need it?”.

We build solutions based on a deep level of know-how acquired through developing all kinds of production solutions, in all kinds of industries, with a process that caters to all kinds of projects. Our future-proof solutions are built sustainably, taking into account their impact on the environment during and after their lifespan.

“We always develop and design production systems that can migrate into future technology. We do this by basing our production systems on open source technology, and we choose partners that will stay in the game.” – Morten Svendsen, CEO.

We are your one-stop-shop partner. Complete production automation often demands an alliance of companies – we provide it all: Mechanical, software integration, process optimization, and beyond.

Discrete Automation

Eltronic A/S helps our customers get a competitive edge in the market with automation solutions that yield higher productivity.

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