Discrete Automation

Eltronic A/S helps our customers get a competitive edge in the market with automation solutions that yield higher productivity. Partnership for Eltronic A/S is about a long-term commitment to our clients. No short-cuts – we find the best, future-proof solution.

Special Purpose Machines

Get the Total Potential

When you are looking into expanding your production with a new product or process, there might not be an off-the-shelf solution that fits your needs. Oftentimes companies experience that they need a custom build machine, which can fulfill their requests.

To be able to build a special purpose machine you must have the right partner with a wide range of knowledge, competences, and experience. Eltronic A/S is that partner for you.

At Eltronic A/S our background is in automation, digitalization, and tracking – unlike traditional machine builders. This means that we do not only build an isolated machine that works. We built a machine that will integrate smoothly into the rest of your production line and ensures that the machine has intelligent and future-proof software.

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Robot Solutions

Optimize Your Production

Many companies have used manual processes for their handling solutions as well as end-of-line production and packaging. Processes that are characterized by employees doing monotonous and often heavy physical work, which takes a toll on the employees.

However, with nowadays’ technology these processes can be done by an intelligent robot. With a robot solution, the employees no longer have to carry out the heavy lifting, which frees resources for other tasks in the production.

Another very big advantage of implementing a robot solution is an increased cycle time as the robot can work faster and does not need any breaks. Furthermore, human mistakes are removed from the production and a lot more data will automatically be available enabling further insights into the production and improvement opportunities.

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Line Controller

Capturing fast moving data

One of the things that characterize discrete manufacturing is the high number of units that are produced per minute. However, the speed of the production is also creating some challenges for the registration of data.

One of these challenges is that a discrete production line often consists of several different machines which might all communicate data in different formats. Another challenge occurs for typical process manufacturers if their productions have a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), as the MES cannot comprehend the quick dataflow in the end-of-line production.

To overcome the challenges in a discrete production line you can implement a Line Controller. The Line Controller configures and standardizes data across the machines, and serves as the integrating point into plant automation systems. The Line Controller also helps to keep track of all the fast data produced and communicates it to the MES system in a format and tempo that the MES can work with.

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Process Automation

Eltronic A/S is one of the largest automation companies in Denmark, and we have developed process automation solutions for our food & beverage and life science customers throughout the last 20 years.

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