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The need for building a new special purpose machine is often related to an expansion of a production because of a new product or process. The new addition to the production might not fit an off-the-shelf solution, so a unique and specially built machine, that can meet all requirements, is needed.

To get the best possible solution that not only fulfills the requirements for the specific machine but also integrates into the rest of your production line, you need to have the right partner.

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Eltronic A/S has a wide range of knowledge, competences, and experience with building special purpose machines. We have built machines for some of the biggest Danish production companies and our background is in automation and digitalization – unlike traditional machine builders. This means that we do not only build an isolated machine that works. We built a machine that will integrate into the rest of your plant and ensures that the machine has intelligent and future-proof software.

When performing a project with Eltronic A/S, you will be highly involved in the final solution. We make sure that technology, people, and processes work together, and we always work from an overall perspective.

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Special Purpose Machines


A complete special purpose machine often demands an alliance of companies – we provide it all: Mechanical and electrical engineering, software automation, and assembly. This means that you only need one supplier – we are your one-stop-shop.

Innovation is a keyword for us. We constantly scan the market for new technologies and integrate them with our know-how and experience. In this way, we can develop innovative and future-proof solutions.


Our Partners

We work harder and we work smarter, when this means bringing in partners and suppliers from the outside – we work with the best, combining our strengths to deliver a turnkey solution for our customers.

Our Partnerships

We have wide-ranging, complete production solutions know-how with over 20 years of experience.

Anders Linneberg, Sales Eltronic A/S

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Modular assembly line increases productivity and quality

As a new type of radiator thermostat was to be assembled at Danfoss' site in Bedford, UK, a new assembly line was required. Danfoss turned to Eltronic A/S for the development of a completely new assembly line to increase productivity and quality.

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Automatic threading increases production capacity and decreases costs

The Danish company CUBIC needed a new threading solution to replace their existing machine. Eltronic A/S designed a modular and scalable solution that enabled CUBIC to increase production capacity while at the same time decreasing operating and maintenance costs.

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Robot Solutions

In the last 20 years, Eltronic A/S has built machines and production systems for many different industries, that use robots or robot technologies.

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