For a busy production of switchboard enclosures, the Danish company CUBIC needed a new threading solution to replace their existing machine. Eltronic designed a modular and scalable solution that enabled CUBIC to increase production capacity while at the same time decreasing operating and maintenance costs.


The Project


  • New threading solution
  • Compact and scalable design
  • Flexibility in terms of tools and cutting data
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased production stability with less downtime


  • Fully automatic system with a minimum of downtime
  • Modular design based on known technology and standard components
  • Flexible machine making it possible to switch between tools and technologies
  • Easy modification of software to adjust production


  • Big reductions in energy consumption
  • Increased production capacity
  • High degree of production flexibility
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime
  • High level of process stability


CUBIC is a Danish manufacturer of switchboard solutions and other types of enclosures for electrical equipment. CUBIC serves customers all over the world and within a wide number of industries, such as marine, renewable energy, infrastructure and general industry.

United with CUBIC

Customer requirements

When CUBIC turned to Eltronic for a new threading solution, they had a wish list of features and functions that they wanted the solution to include. First of all, the existing machine was high consuming in terms of energy and floor space. A more “green” and compact solution was therefore a top priority. Secondly, they wanted a more stable production with less downtime and maintenance. Consequently, manual operation was to be reduced to an absolute minimum. To be able to meet future market requirements, CUBIC requested a piece of machinery that would be easy to modify. Flexibility in terms of cutting data and type and number of tools was therefore also an important item on the list.

Fully automatic solution based on standard components

To accommodate the first items on CUBIC’s wish list, Eltronic designed a fully automatic solution based on standard components. The design is compact and easily integrated into CUBIC’s existing production line due to its standard modules. To meet future requirements, the fully automatic solution can be changed to a semi-automatic, stand-alone version or extended, as needed.

Two highly reliable, powerful, and precise servo motors replace the five motors of the existing machine. This results in a significant reduction in energy consumption, but in combination with the modular and automatic design, it also gives less downtime and a production line running much more stable than before. In addition, the servo motors are fit for different purposes and can easily handle changes to the gearbox in terms of the amount and type of tools added or removed.

Flexibility in several ways

The main feature of CUBIC’s new threading solution is the multi-spindle box. In the current version, the box contains 3 threading tools which can be easily replaced in case they are worn or damaged.  The tools can be replaced with other tool types or sizes, and the position of the tools can be reconfigured to enable fast changeovers. The entire box can be exchanged or amended giving the option of integrating several machining technologies – e.g. drilling, threading, and screwing – in the same process using only one piece of equipment.

Cutting data can be changed easily via the control system of the gearbox, meaning that parameters such as torque, speed, RPMs, etc. can be modified remotely only by making changes to the software. This makes it possible to use the equipment for different materials without changing the equipment itself.

Pre- and post-project tasks

As CUBIC had no documentation describing the control system of the existing system, Eltronic started off the project by spending a few days on-site to uninstall the old system. In this way, first-hand knowledge of interfaces and production line set-up was gained, making the installation of the new solution smooth and easy.

The new threading solution at CUBIC has been installed and commissioned by Eltronic, including the training of personnel. Via a VPN connection, Eltronic can quickly assist the operators and maintenance personnel at CUBIC with troubleshooting or software changes and updates.

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