The Story Behind Eltronic A/S

Get to know our history and what has happened since the company was founded more than 20 years ago.

Our History

Eltronic A/S was founded on March 1, 2000, by Lars Jensen. In the first couple of years, Eltronic A/S delivered automation solutions to local production companies with great success. In the following years, Eltronic A/S expanded its competence areas to cover both automation, it, mechanical design, assembly, and service of production lines – both locally and globally. In 2007, the company ran out of space at Spettrupvej in Hedensted. Together with the employees, Eltronic A/S decided to build a new domicile. In May 2010, the new headquarter at Kilde Allé 4 was ready for occupancy.

In 2013, Eltronic A/S received Børsen’s Gazelle Award for the company’s rapid growth pace. Eltronic A/S has since 2015 been ISO 9001 and since 2017 ISO 14001 certified. The certifications demonstrate, firstly, that our quality management system meets international standards and underlines our continued focus on delivering products and solutions of the highest quality. And secondly, that we work actively with sustainability, as we focus on the circular economy as an integrated part of our procedures and deliverables.

Eltronic’s great success has over the years resulted in several organizational changes including company acquisitions as well as spin-offs of business units. These include the spin-off of Eltronic FuelTech in 2018, Eltronic Wind Solution in 2019, and latest the spin-off of Data Intelligence in 2020. Furthermore, in 2020, Eltronic A/S spun off from Eltronic Group into its own separate company, and we have today offices in both Hedensted, Copenhagen, and Odense.

Today, Eltronic A/S is the leading supplier for some of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, and we are proud to be the partner, which improves their global competitiveness.


Get a better understanding of our history, where we come from, and what has happened in the last 20 years with the timeline below.


Eltronic founded

Lars Jensen, the president of Eltronic A/S, founded the company in the year 2000. The first home of the company was Spettrupvej in Hedensted, Denmark.



New headquarters

In 2010, we cut the tape for our new head office at Kilde Allé 4 in Hedensted and the company expanded to concentrate on five primary business areas.



Eltronic Group founded

In 2013, Eltronic Group was founded and became the parent company of Eltronic A/S as well as future acquisitions of companies.



Gazelle award for rapid growth

In 2013, Eltronic A/S was again appointed a Gazelle company, which is the Danish daily newspaper Børsen’s annual nomination of companies that are characterized by their rapid growth pace.



ISO 9001 certified

As part of Eltronic A/S's goal to always provide products and services of the highest quality we are now certified according to ISO 9001 standard. The certification demonstrated that our already implemented quality management system meets international standards and underlines our continued focus on delivering products and solutions of the highest quality.



New test hall

We built a new test hall to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for custom-made equipment.



New office in Copenhagen

Eltronic A/S opened a new division called Eltronic Pharma Engineering situated in Ballerup close to Copenhagen. Eltronic Pharma Engineering develops and delivers technical operations to customers in the pharma and life science industries.



ISO 14001 certified

As part of our continuous commitment to running a sustainable business, we obtained an ISO 14001 certification (Environmental Management) in 2017. The ISO 14001 certification provides us with a basis for our active work with sustainability, as we focus on the circular economy as an integrated part of our procedures and deliverables.



Company acquisition

At the end of 2017, we strengthened our position within MES and digitalization of production processes by acquiring the Danish it and automation company PJD A/S.



Eltronic A/S spins off FuelTech

In November 2018, the business unit FuelTech was spun off into a separate company - Eltronic FuelTech A/S. All employees and members of management continue designing and supplying customers in the maritime industry with solutions enabling the replacement of heavy fuel in ship engines with more environmentally friendly alternatives.



Eltronic A/S spins off Wind Solutions

As of 1 November 2019, the business unit Wind Solutions was spun off from Eltronic into a separate company - Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S. With a strong position in the wind market, the new company continues to supply innovative equipment to the wind industry.



Eltronic A/S separates from Eltronic Group

As of 1 November 2020, Eltronic A/S and Eltronic Group separate as a part of the plan of positioning Eltronic Group as the parent company and strategic partner for further acquisitions. Eltronic A/S continues to support the industry with future-proof production systems.


We are part of Eltronic Group

In 2020, Eltronic A/S became its own separate company, but we are still a part of Eltronic Group. This ensures a strong and solid foundation for our company as well as gives us the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of available competencies from our sister companies.

“Eltronic Group is founded on entrepreneurship. Building from the ground up, believing in good ideas, and supporting them from direct experiences.” – Lars Jensen, Founder of Eltronic Group

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What we do and how we do it

Eltronic A/S is an ambitious and responsible company and we strive for high quality in all aspects. Quality management, safety, and environmental considerations are therefore key priorities for us.

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