Eltronic A/S spin off from Eltronic Group

We are excited to announce that Eltronic A/S is spun off from the parent corporation Eltronic Group into its own separate company. The spin-off took place as of 1 November 2020. The separation strengthens both companies’ position in the market.

Eltronic A/S is where it all started for more than 20 years ago, and we have over the years spun off several successful companies from Eltronic A/S. It is now time for Eltronic A/S to follow this trend and spin-off from our parent corporation Eltronic Group. This enables the company to focus 100% on the customers and the company’s ambitions,” says Lars Jensen, Founder of Eltronic A/S.

Eltronic A/S develops automation and production solutions for customers in the industries of food and beverage, life science, and discrete manufacturing. Eltronic A/S works with the complete value chain and can access projects in the early consulting and concept phase as well as cover the production, installation, test, and service.

The company’s goal is to continue to be our customers’ preferred partner and to increase their global competitiveness and sustainability.

The current Vice President, Morten Svendsen, continues as CEO and is looking forward to continuing the journey:
Our customers are some of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, and we are proud to be the partner, which improves their global competitiveness. With this new set-up, we strengthen our position to develop the best possible solutions together with our customers. We are the only automation house in Denmark that can provide the full solution and be our customers’ one-stop-shop. We aim to grow together with both new and existing customers.”

Eltronic A/S continues as a part of Eltronic Group with headquarter in Hedensted and offices in Ballerup and Odense. Eltronic A/S employs today more than 110 engineers and technicians, which all will continue to work at the company. Eltronic Group owns 10 engineering companies that together employ approx. 650 employees.

Contact information

For further information or questions, please contact CEO Morten Svendsen on phone number +45 5157 2612 or email msn@eltronic.dk.