Eltronic Group now has 1000 employees globally

The knowledge and production group is on a growth journey that requires knowledge, will, and a certain amount of courage. To support the company’s development, the group will need to hire more employees.

Eltronic Group now has 1000 employees – seizing opportunities is required

It is rare for Danish companies to pass the 1000-employee mark. Eltronic Group is one of the companies that has passed through the eye of a needle and has passed 1000 employees globally. Of these, approximately two-thirds are in Denmark and one-third at other locations worldwide. It is a historic milestone that founder and CEO Lars Jensen is grateful for.

“We are on a growth and development journey that seems to continue. Over the last few years, we have invested in areas where we are specialists and expanded them. It requires a skilled workforce to keep up with demand and our ambitions in automation and digitization, x-to-power, and power-to-x. It is because of our employees that we succeed with our goals – and it is our strong organizational culture that is the foundation for us to now be able to count more than 1000,” he says.

Global outlook and reinvestment are the way forward

On March 1 this year, the group was able to celebrate its 22nd birthday. Over the years, Lars Jensen and Eltronic Group have managed to establish a healthy business that continues to grow.

“One of the things we always focus on is investing in the business and thinking in terms of opportunities and development. We do this i.e. by investing in new facilities and daring to invest in new technologies. In a way, I also believe that if the organization has the capabilities, it also has the obligations. This is what we try to live up to. It would be easier to be satisfied with what we have already achieved, but we have more to offer within the areas we are experts in,” he explains.

According to Lars Jensen, many Danish companies have good opportunities to think bigger and internationally. However, it requires both strength and willingness to take risks.

“In Denmark, we have both skilled employees and technology that together form a solid foundation for growth beyond national borders. We have many companies that have the potential to grow and make a difference. The more skilled we become, the greater the recycling of our industrial platforms we achieve. This allows us to create more value for the customer. But it requires that you seize opportunities and be willing to take risks,” he says.

More employees in the future

For Eltronic Group’s growth journey to continue, more employees are needed to support the company’s development. Therefore, the group will be recruiting even more engineers, project managers, and technicians in both Denmark and abroad in 2022.

“We must continue to make money to maintain our raison d’être. Therefore, we need to keep reinventing ourselves. In the world of technology, things are going fast, and what we are doing today is not necessarily the same as what we are going to do in just five years. We are in constant motion with large investments – that is also what makes it fun. Our greatest strength is that we succeed together and have a workplace that embraces broad professionalism, where we do things properly and have our feet firmly planted on the ground,” Lars Jensen concludes.

About Eltronic Group

Eltronic Group A/S owns and invests in companies to help scale their businesses both nationally and globally. Eltronic Group’s companies work in industrial production, green energy, infrastructure, and distribution with the aim of strengthening customers’ competitiveness.

A total of eight operating companies are part of Eltronic Group: Eltronic A/S, Enabl A/S, Eltronic FuelTech A/S, Data Intelligence A/S, HE Marine A/S, TS Tech A/S, Dynatest A/S, and Epcido A/S.

The group is headquartered in Hedensted and has several locations in Denmark, while Eltronic Group’s companies also have locations in the USA, Great Britain, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, India, Taiwan, and China.

Learn more about the entire Group: www.eltronic-group.com