ESG-report 2021-2022

The technology company Eltronic Group is releasing its second sustainability report. Based on action, greater data, and formalized processes, the company aims to ensure greater sustainable development.

ESG-report 2021-2022

Eltronic Group releases its sustainability report

Eltronic Group’s sustainability report for the financial year 2021/2022 includes all the Eltronic Group subsidiaries and uncovers relevant aspects of the group’s efforts in terms of governance, environmental, and social matters which are to ensure sustainable development.

– What I have noticed is that all of us have become more engaged and willing to prioritize reducing our footprints, and I believe that those who can share a great responsibility. Even though it may seem like a drop in the ocean, it will matter when we stand together and act, CEO of Eltronic Group, Lars Jensen, says.

Last year, Eltronic Group released its first sustainability report. This forms the baseline for Eltronic Group’s possibility to measure and assess its sustainable development in the future through annual sustainability reporting.

Formalization and greater data are to ensure development
In the past year, Eltronic Group has improved its framework and further enhanced the data used for sustainability reporting – a goal which was spelled out in the 2020/2021 report. Although this year’s report is only the second of its kind, sustainability efforts have been underway in Eltronic Group for several years. Now, the group will direct its focus inwards and advance the sustainable development by means of greater data and formalized processes.

– In 2015, we embarked on our journey toward reducing our negative impact. Since 2021, we have been in the process of formalizing our transition by measuring and mapping our scope 1 and 2 emissions. To reach our goal of net-zero carbon by 2050, we will, in the next three years, focus on mapping our scope 3 emissions, Lars Jensen says.

Greater focus on social matters
Since the foundation in 2000, Eltronic Group has encountered great development and growth. Today, the group, as a total, has more than 1300 employees across the globe. In the new sustainability report, social matters have, accordingly, been granted more space.

– Our employees are the reason we succeed in our mission and why our customers put their trust in us. This year, you will find an expanded social section in our sustainability report, in which we elaborate on our internal talent development, our culture, and our performance indicators, Lars Jensen says.

Read the sustainability report here