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Take a moment to hear what it is like to work at Eltronic A/S. We offer a variety of positions and employ a lot of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Common for them all is that they are specialists in their specific field. Meet some of them here.

Astrid Marie Larsen - Robotics Engineer

From Intern to Robotics Engineer

I began my career at Eltronic A/S during my final semester of the Global Management and Manufacturing program, where I embarked on a six-month internship. This internship laid the foundation for my future career path.

Motivated by my internship and not ready to leave Eltronic, I seized the opportunity to continue as a student worker while starting my bachelor’s project. In this project, I delved into setting up and optimizing information and material flows in the newly initiated series production. This period not only confirmed my passion for technology and production optimization but also strengthened my decision to pursue a career in the field.

When Eltronic established a new robotics department, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to specialize in my primary areas of interest: robotics technology and advanced simulations. The transition to the robotics department allowed me to engage in more specialized projects that aligned with my professional ambitions and interests. My work in the department significantly expanded my technical understanding and gave me the opportunity to lead projects involving cross-departmental collaboration.

Laila Schou Pedersen – Technical Writer

Technical documentation on supplies

Before joining Eltronic, I moved to Denmark, where I pursued my Cand. Mag. degree in English and worked as an independent translator. However, by the fall of last year, I found myself yearning for a more immersive work experience, one that was free from constant interruptions and allowed for closer interactions with my colleagues. This led me to apply for the position of Technical Writer at Eltronic.

In my current role at Eltronic, I am tasked with writing user manuals for our supplies. This involves ensuring that our documentation is up to standard and compliant with the various regulations pertaining to user manuals. What I find really exciting about my job is that I am constantly learning something new. I have always had a passion for acquiring new knowledge and understanding different contexts – this has now become an integral part of my daily routine as understanding our supplies is crucial to writing comprehensive user manuals. Despite not having a specific interest in machinery, my experience and studies have taught me that everything becomes fascinating once you delve into it.

One of the aspects of my job that I enjoy the most is the opportunity to work alongside a team of intelligent and interesting individuals – something I consider to be a privilege. As a relatively new member of the company, I have found everyone to be welcoming and supportive. Despite their busy schedules, they always make time to assist and engage in conversations. There is a good atmosphere within the company, and you can sense the professional pride and passion that everyone has for their work.

Eltronic distinguish themselves through the culture of trust among colleagues. Everyone takes responsibility for their tasks and trusts others to do the same. Moreover, I never feel isolated in my work; whenever I am uncertain or have doubts, I can always rely on my colleagues for assistance.


Thomas Sørensen - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Automation in large projects

I am educated Mechanical Engineer, and since completing my education, I have had the pleasure of working with automation on larger projects. I’ve always found things in motion to be truly exciting. I am currently in the position as Senior Mechanical Engineer, where I work with machine design and concept development. As the mechanical lead on a couple of our major projects, it’s my responsibility to maintain the overview, be part of the planning, and set the direction for my team.

My workdays often involve day-to-day planning, as our projects vary. Additionally, I focus on finalizing designs, which could involve additions to existing machines. Currently, we are working on a series-produced machine with added features. There’s close coordination with our production team regarding improvements, corrections, and streamlining assembly processes.

I particularly enjoy witnessing the concepts and designs we’ve worked on being assembled and taking shape at the customer’s site. Being part of the entire process, from the initial concept meetings with the client to the final optimizations and delivery, is incredibly interesting. It’s especially unique that at Eltronic, we get to see the ultimate result in reality.

My work is especially exciting as I’m involved in many facets of the projects. This also means I need to juggle multiple tasks at once. Therefore, I might need to pause my current task to address a sudden urgent assignment. Embracing flexibility and adaptability is intriguing, making each day different. We have a close collaboration across departments to ensure success. The strong interdisciplinary nature between departments adds an extra layer of excitement to working as a team.

During the workweek, I particularly enjoy spending time with my colleagues across departments in our shared canteen. Additionally, we have enjoyable company-wide and department-specific events, such as bowling trips and alpaca walks. These experiences contribute to creating great memories together.

Mohammad Saad - SCADA/MES Engineer

Specialist knowledge & onboarding

With a background as an IT engineer from SDU and experience in the development of controls for horticulture and climate, I have primarily worked within disciplines such as PLC and SCADA. It is also within these areas that my field of interest lies. Hence why I today work as a SCADA/MES Engineer in the SCADA/MES department at Eltronic, where I joined in late 2022.

I was attracted by the countless opportunities that exist in Eltronic and the visions the company has for the future, when I was faced with the option of a new job. At Eltronic, both PLC and SCADA are focus areas – and I saw a great opportunity in being close to other specialists and developing and building on my existing knowledge. Here, a few months into my employment, I am positive that I have made the right decision.

From the very beginning of my employment, I have been given a great deal of trust. A level of trust that I as a new employee am honored to receive, and it has meant that I am now involved in one of our new projects in-house. It has been extremely motivating for me, and it also shows a company that has confidence in its employees and their abilities. As a new employee, I have also experienced the value of Eltronic’s extensive internal knowledge base. Professionally, it is vital for me to have the opportunity to approach competent colleagues and find answers to things when needed.

Generally, my entire onboarding process has been very positive. From day one, I have been met by welcoming and open-minded colleagues as well as the management. My colleagues have consistently reached out to ask if I needed anything. I have also been thoroughly introduced to the tasks that lie ahead, while close contact has been established right from the start with the people I will be working with.

During my intro days, I took note when it was said that it should be fun going to work. That motto is something I truly feel is practiced at Eltronic. In my department, there is room for us to talk off-topic – in other words, there is room for more than work during the day. Generally, you experience a strong sense of community and a family-like environment at Eltronic, where you show interest in your colleagues. Furthermore, there are great opportunities to create a healthy work-life balance, which is not something you can find anywhere.

Mia Randlev Johansen, System & Sales Engineer

Dynamic sales role

As System & Sales Engineer, I build bridges between the technical and commercial competencies that we have in-house. I am a part of the sales department but with a background in global business engineering, I have knowledge of both mechanical engineering and commercial matters. It gives me a solid understanding of both areas of expertise – which is a clear advantage when I must act as a link between both worlds.

My position was newly created when I joined Eltronic at the beginning of 2022. This has meant that I have had a great influence on how my role should be defined and shaped. My role has become relatively dynamic in the sense that my skills are put into play where it makes the most sense. In the sales process, I help to align the house, so that everyone understands the task at hand, and we make sure that we get off to a good start on a project. The challenge is to communicate the customer’s needs and interests and get them converted into a project basis that our people can start working on.

From my perspective, what’s unique about Eltronic is that we deliver customer-specific solutions, which means that we are usually engaged in development projects. The process is interesting, and the projects are interesting. The international aspect is also particularly attractive to me. The customers we work with are some of the very big players – and our projects go far beyond the borders of Denmark. Right now, I’m working on a project that is taking place in Mexico, while at the same time coordinating with some of our suppliers in Germany. You experience the contrast, and it’s a great challenge.

There are not many women in my profession, but nevertheless, I feel very comfortable in my role at Eltronic. I experience strong cooperation between departments and across locations. Everyone is professional, but ultimately everyone is good to one another. The environment is also in many ways warm and family-like – we are big, but we are in no way distanced – and I experience a great focus on the individual and job satisfaction in everyday life.

Jes Peter Jessen – Automation Engineer, Robot Specialist

Chasing milliseconds

At Eltronic I am a part of the Automation Software department. In my interconnected team – consisting of specialists – we take on the task of delivering a machine as a team. My responsibility in the team regards the robots.

My path from a mechanic to a millisecond chasing Robot Specialist started during my engineer education, where I was introduced to automation for the first time. When I started at Eltronic in August 2021, I came from a smaller automation house, where I handled my very first robot. In that job, I struggled to get the experience and I had to acquire a lot of knowledge independently. That is a great way to learn but also a slow process when you yearn for development and new knowledge within your field.

One of the main reasons that Eltronic caught my attention was all the opportunities I saw within the company. The possibility of a steep learning curve, the opportunity to specialize, and the opportunity to be able to work with big clients – where the demand for professionalism and the product we deliver are significantly different. I like that challenge, as you must deliver on all parameters.

At Eltronic all competencies are gathered in-house, which provides a great deal of freedom and ultimately a better product. You do not have to compromise and you are able to act much faster. To me, as a programmer, it gives me peace of mind to know that the product we send out the door is a quality product throughout. It is a matter of professionalism for me.

When we develop customer-specific solutions, we work with the most optimal technology. The challenge of pushing the material to perform at its max capacity is exciting. In my team, we recently worked on a machine where we repeatedly sought to identity bottlenecks in the search for the pivotal milliseconds that could increase efficiency. A project like this is what motivates me the most in my job, even though it sometimes involves long days and sharp deadlines.

Thomas Mittag – SCADA/MES Engineer

Great growth opportunities

As SCADA/MES Engineer, my primary focus revolves around the setup, development and implementation of our Mini MES at the customer. Besides that, I also work with business intelligence and SCADA. My professional background combines a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and experience with remote control of technical security systems for the railway. I have been a part of the company since February 2021, and I will describe Eltronic as an inclusive workplace. There is room for everyone and there is a great trust in the employees – you really experience this as a new employee.

I was still relatively new when I heard about a new project in the pipeline. I quickly asked my manager if I could join the project. Despite me not having much experience in the field, I was shown a great deal of trust and got assigned to the project. This just goes to show that there are opportunities – if you want to take on more responsibility, the opportunities exist.

There is also a widespread focus on growth and professional development at Eltronic. If you desire new knowledge, there are good opportunities for upgrading your skills, and if you seek new challenges or a different type of position, then there is open-mindedness and a willingness to move people around the organization. I like that approach. You really feel that Eltronic makes an effort to retain valuable employees.

A period of lockdown and working from home put things into perspective for me and really emphasized the importance of the social working environment. The colleagues and community at Eltronic are the alpha omega. It is incredibly important that you have good colleagues you like and want to be at work with. I have found that here.

Søren F. Johansen - Electrical Engineer

Job rotation with success

I started working at Eltronic in 2005 as an Industrial Electrician. From 2005 to April 2017, I worked as a technician performing a variety of technical and electrical tasks.

After working as a technician for more than 10 years, I found myself looking for new opportunities. I have always been keen on IT, and I have used some of my spare time during my years learning about programming. Instead of looking elsewhere, I asked my manager at Eltronic, if it would be possible for me to try another job role at Eltronic. Fortunately, my manager was very positive about the idea, and in April 2017 I started as an Automation Engineer.

In my current position, I work primarily with drawing electrical diagrams in PC Schematic and preparing electrical documentation. Apart from that, I am responsible for performing purchasing for selected projects. During my time in Eltronic, I have worked as a technician on several projects for the same customer. In my current role, I still work with projects for this customer, only now, I get to see things from a different perspective. I can use my experience from before, and I like the fact that I am now allowed to follow the project all the way from start to finish.

As part of my new job role, I will be taking courses in programming and automation. I look very much forward to expanding my knowledge and applying my experience in new areas.

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