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Take a moment to hear what it is like to work at Eltronic A/S. We offer a variety of positions and employ a lot of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Common for them all is that they are specialists in their specific field. Meet some of them here.

Brian Borchert - SCADA/MES Engineer

Onboarding & Teamwork

I started working at Eltronic in summer of 2020 as a SCADA/MES Engineer. Before starting at Eltronic, I worked in a very different work field as I have a master’s degree in Italian and philosophy and an education as a public school teacher. However, at the end of 2018, I started taking an interest in IT and all the many possibilities with software development and coding. I took a few classes on IT, but besides that, most of my IT-knowledge is something I’ve acquired on my own. So, I really appreciate that Eltronic was willing to take a chance on me and could see my potential.

My introduction to Eltronic and SCADA/MES has been very good and progressed in the right tempo. There has been time to incorporate some good habits and learn the ways we work with projects in the company. I’ve gotten a lot of support from a mentor, but in general, all my colleagues have been really helpful. Regardless of being busy, I’ve never once received a no, when I asked for help.

One of the things, I really like about working at Eltronic, is the fact that you always are met with a positive attitude no matter where you are in the organization. Eltronic has a culture, where we work professionally, good ideas are taken seriously, and you finish the things you have started – we don’t leave any loose ends in a project. This is a principle that fits me really well, and it tells a lot about what kind of company Eltronic is.

Jeppe Bjerregaard Svenningsen - Electrical Engineer

A great working environment

I started working at Eltronic in 2013. I have an education in automation technology, and I was hired just after finishing my final trainee period. My primary tasks include design of control panels and I am involved in the entire process – from idea and concept development based on customer requirements to development and implementation of the final product. This includes preparation of quotations and calculations, documentation, risk assessment, production planning, purchasing, and CE marking.

Although Eltronic is a relatively large company, the electrical hardware team sits together in one office. We have a strong team where we know each other well and benefit from our different competencies. The team is always good for a piece of advice – be it professionally or personally.

The flexibility of my job is one of the things that I like the most. We have fixed working hours, but we are still allowed to come and go as we like as long as it doesn’t interfere with the projects we are working on. The projects that I get to work with also vary a lot. Eltronic develops solutions for a wide range of industries, and during just one week, you can be working with very different projects and solutions.

In my team, we develop control panels for our own machines, but we also develop panels for our customers’ machines. We are experienced within CE marking, ATEX, panels for the American market UL/CSA, and we supply solutions to the food, pharmaceutical, and marine industries.

Søren F. Johansen - Electrical Engineer

Job rotation with success

I started working at Eltronic in 2005 as an Industrial Electrician. From 2005 to April 2017, I worked as a technician performing a variety of technical and electrical tasks.

After working as a technician for more than 10 years, I found myself looking for new opportunities. I have always been keen on IT, and I have used some of my spare time during my years learning about programming. Instead of looking elsewhere, I asked my manager at Eltronic, if it would be possible for me to try another job role at Eltronic. Fortunately, my manager was very positive about the idea, and in April 2017 I started as an Automation Engineer.

In my current position, I work primarily with drawing electrical diagrams in PC Schematic and preparing electrical documentation. Apart from that, I am responsible for performing purchasing for selected projects. During my time in Eltronic, I have worked as a technician on several projects for the same customer. In my current role, I still work with projects for this customer, only now, I get to see things from a different perspective. I can use my experience from before, and I like the fact that I am now allowed to follow the project all the way from start to finish.

As part of my new job role, I will be taking courses in programming and automation. I look very much forward to expanding my knowledge and applying my experience in new areas.

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