Power-to-X: Eltronic plays significant role in Topsoe's new giant production facility

Eltronic is one of the key suppliers as Topsoe is building the world's largest SOEC electrolyzer manufacturing facility to meet customer needs for mass production of green hydrogen. Eltronic is the total system integrator and will be developing and delivering the inside of the facility.

Topsoe, a global leader in carbon emission reduction technologies, will be building the world’s largest and most advanced SOEC (Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell) electrolyzer manufacturing facility. Electrolyzers are used to convert renewable energy into green hydrogen. The goal is to accelerate sustainable Power-to-X solutions on an industrial scale to meet the needs of society.

Eltronic is the total system integrator in this extensive project. The automation company’s role is to equip the facility with automated equipment and software solutions that can handle the new technology and ensure an optimized production.

CEO of Eltronic, Morten Svendsen, is proud to be involved:

“It is quite a big deal for us to be involved in this visionary project, which is crucial within Power-to-X. Developing solutions that contribute to the green transition is the core of what we do. We possess essential knowledge and we have the resources to take on this job. It is unique that we have all competencies gathered in-house. To us, this project is also an opportunity to show what we can do as one united force,” he says.

Long-term collaboration

Eltronic has already established a project team that is busy working on the Topsoe facility. The team will eventually grow even larger when the project really takes off.

“We have just begun our long-term collaboration with Topsoe – which is very positive. It means that we can create great results. In the past year, we have worked with pilot projects and tests, which help to ensure that we get off to the best possible start,” Morten Svendsen explains.

Extensive automation project

Eltronic’s delivery is a large automation project that includes process programming, customized equipment, transport solutions, and software solutions.

“We need to provide 360-degree solutions that cover the entire facility to ensure stable production. It is a completely new branch of the industry, so we also have to develop new, innovative solutions. Right now, we will continue working on design and testing. The next step is to order components and materials. We expect to be ready to install the first equipment at the facility by the end of 2023,” says Morten Svendsen.

The brand-new Topsoe facility is to be built in Herning, Denmark, and the production of electrolyzers is set to start in 2025. According to current plans, 500 megawatts of electrolyzer capacity will be produced annually, with the option to expand to five gigawatts.


Green hydrogen: Using renewable energy from e.g. solar cells or wind turbines, you split water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H) through electrolysis and obtain green hydrogen.

Power-to-X: ‘Power’ represents renewable energy – e.g. solar or wind energy. ‘To’ represents the converting process. Renewable energy is converted into something else, which is ‘X’. The ‘X’ is hydrogen, which can then be converted into a number of chemicals or fuels – for example, ammonia and methanol, which can be used for greener shipping.