The Green Alternative to Fossil Energy Sources

With a power pack solution, you get a sustainable and efficient green alternative to fossil energy sources in off-grid or remote locations - reducing carbon emissions and the reliance on fossil fuels.

The Industry’s focus on sustainability and innovation is constantly pushing the limits for what is possible with green alternatives. Eltronic A/S is also following this trend and has recently developed a scalable and efficient power pack system, which can work off-grid or in remote locations where you traditionally would use diesel generators.

The new power pack system utilizes stored energy to power loads as and when needed. Resulting in a much better use of energy as the units constantly adapt to the energy requirements of the applications. This is unlike diesel generators which run at a constant pace not considering if the application only needs half of the energy produced.

Eltronic A/S has already produced several power packs systems for Eltronic Wind Solution, which uses them for mobile equipment in the wind industry. However, the power pack systems’ efficiency and flexibility make them suitable and scalable for a wide range of customized applications.

Contact information
For further information or questions, please contact Anders S. Ludvigsen, Manager EL-Hardware on phone number +45 3017 8798 or email